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Complete Clarity Solicitors provides solutions to legal issues for businesses and individuals

Headed by Billy Smith and Emma King, Solicitor, we pride ourselves in delivering to our clients a clearer understanding of all their legal issues.

Our clients have benefited from our deliberate approach of not only providing legal but also commercial advice and solutions to their individual needs. In these tough economic times we believe it is essential to assess the law and the commercial reality of our client’s cases from the very outset of their matter.

We recognise the pressures that legal matters place on individuals and businesses. We pride ourselves in delivering re-assurance to you that your legal matter is in professional legal and commercial hands. Allow us to take control of your legal matter and provide you with a completely clear understanding of your case together with the most cost effective option(s) for resolution.

Please see our video below with our Director Billy Smith explaining how we can help you.

You are now one step closer to resolving your legal problems. At Complete Clarity, our team of lawyers deliver clear, friendly, but always professional legal solutions throughout Scotland.

First Consultation Free*

We will be able to help you, but it does not end there. We understand that you not only need legal help, but also that you need the reassurance that you can form an effective working relationship with your solicitor. It is the relationship that is key.

That is why all of our first consultations are entirely Free* of charge. However, it goes beyond this; this consultation will last as long as you want. By offering this to our clients, you get to firstly fully understand, and secondly be entirely clear on your legal problem. But it goes further. In this consultation, we will fully explain the various payment structures designed to deliver to you the outcome you want. Find out more about us below.

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Whatever your needs, we will recommend a solution which is tailored to your exact needs.


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We pride ourselves on our service standards. Find out what you can expect from us.


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