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Angela McCormack

Angela McCormack

Angela McCormack – Clan Support

Clan Support

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0141 423 7648

Name: Angela McCormack

Role: Clan Support

When did you start working with the firm: July 2023

We ask Angela McCormack about her role as Clan Support at Complete Clarity Solicitors: Provide full secretarial service to Fee Earners, but if and when required, to directors/all support staff.  General typing emails, letters, Court Attendance Records, attendance notes, Word documents, Fee Notes, outlay Fee Notes. Registering/upload Power of Attorneys.

What is the favourite part of your role?  Doing dictation

What do you like most about working for Complete Clarity Solicitors? Doing condensed hours.

What skills do you find most useful in doing your role? Learning, Problem solving, Flexibility

Where is your favourite place to go on holiday? Ireland

What is your proudest achievement?  Not sure

What do you enjoy doing when not working? Relaxing, watching TV, going for walks  

How would your team colleagues describe you?  Not sure

Amongst our services at Clarity are:

  • Litigation of all kinds for both Pursuer and Defender cases. Contract disputes – Suing people – Suing companies – Defending people – Defending companies.
  • Family Law – Divorce – Child Contact / Custody / Access Etc.
  • Debt Advice – Debt Recovery – No Win No Fee Debt Recovery – Bankruptcy – Sequestration – Small Claims – Summary Cause – Ordinary Cause
  • Conveyancing – House Purchase/Sale
  • Leases – Commercial / Residential
  • Executry – Wills
  • Claims – Accidents – Medical Negligence
  • Eviction – Unique fixed cost court eviction service
  • Adults with Incapacity Law – Power of Attorney – Guardianship – Welfare & Financial

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