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Chloe Barr

Chloe Barr - Trainee Solicitor Chloe Barr - Complete Clarity Solicitors Glasgow, East Kilbride, Scotland

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"In every adversity lies the seed of an equal or greater opportunity"

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How did you end up in this role?

I have always been hard working and love to challenge myself. After gaining good grades in school I sought no better opportunity to better myself than by going on to study Law at Strathclyde.

During my Diploma I applied for a legal assistant role at Clarity, I was then offered a Traineeship which commenced in June 2018 - an opportunity which I have relished the challenge of becoming a successful Lawyer.

How do you do what you do?

I work hard to ensure all clients needs are met and that I am available when they need some advice or reassurance. I am personable and honest, ensuring that clients fully understand their legal position and can make an informed decision with an appreciation of the whole picture. I make clear to my clients their journey and how to reach their legal outcomes including obstacles they may need to face. It is important to me to be honest about fees, practicalities of the law and the outcomes that the client may have to prepare themselves for. All of the above are ways which I believe separates me from other lawyers and helps me to deliver an outstanding service.

About Chloe

Chloe Joined us in January 2018 and has settled in well with firm members and clients alike.

During her time at University Chloe volunteered in the Law Clinic at Strathclyde and gained a 2:1 classification in her Clinical LLB degree. This degree consisted of  more practical and hands on elements of applying real life cases to University assignments and reflecting on her involvement within cases. This has been a big part of Chloe’s development and has improved her knowledge of the Law as well as her problem solving skills. Having spent a lot of time in the University’s Law Clinic providing Pro Bono services Chloe has experienced first-hand client contact and as a result has great communication skills. Chloe has also gained invaluable experiences from her time at Strathclyde Law Clinic including appearing before a Sheriff in a Simple Procedure case, attended negotiations with other solicitors and helped clients to achieve successful outcomes in their case at the Law clinic.

Chloe works at our East Kilbride office and deals with all types of cases ranging from family and executry cases to sequestration issues and evictions. Chloe is hard working and works well in stressful situations. Chloe enjoys helping people and her calming nature is especially important in sensitive family issues.

Personal Information

I am a hockey and sports enthusiast and spend my weekends playing for Clydesdale Hockey Team. During the week I partake in spin and Zumba classes to keep myself fit. I also enjoy socialising with my friends and family.

Trainee Solicitor

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