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In most cases, there are a range of potential solutions available in most legal matters. The solutions we suggest are tailored to your objective and will be designed to achieve the outcome that is best for you.

In law, many of these solutions are achieved by one of 4 means: Mediation, collaboration, negotiation and litigation. These are described in more detail below.

Meiation is a cost-effective means of reaching an agreement using a qualified solicitor to ‘mediate’ a solution.

Collaboration is where both parties work together on a mutually effective solution.

As the name implies, negotiation is where your solicitor negotiates a solution on your behalf. This can be with one party or several.

Litigation is the act of settling a dispute in court. This is costly, time-consuming and rarely the best course of action. It is one of our last options for all of our clients, but is an option.

You’ll leave our office with a clear understanding of the solutions available to you – and what it will cost to achieve them.

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