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Complete Clarity Solicitors is one of Scotland's most dynamic law firms. Our clients include private individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Everything we do is driven by our objective to secure not only legal but also commercial success for our clients. From our offices in Glasgow, we can help you with everything from debt recovery to family...

Complete Clarity Solicitors is one of Scotland's most dynamic law firms. Our clients include private individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Everything we do is driven by our objective to secure not only legal but also commercial success for our clients. From our offices in Glasgow, we can help you with everything from debt recovery to family law.

Our team can advise on the full range of legal services in Scotland. Our lawyers will work together with you to achieve the outcome you desire.

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In Scotland, The Laws Approach Things Slightly Differently Regarding Earnings Arrestment


This article examines the methods of enforcement creditors in Scotland have at their disposal to collect amounts owed by a debtor. Here we will discuss the details regarding Scotland's Earnings Arrestment system and how this is approached slightly differently than in England. 

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Client Services Team – Keir McGill


Complete Clarity is committed to delivering excellent service to our clients. The Firm recognises that facing a legal problem or dispute can be daunting, particularly for those who have never encountered the Scottish legal system before. We therefore strive to ensure that from the moment that you make contact with Complete Clarity, that you are greeted by a friendly, helpful and down-to-earth member of the Client Services Team Keir McGill.

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What can be done if another person has the evidence I require?


What exactly is proof, and why is it so important?

Evidence for a court action takes a variety of forms. It can be physical evidence (something tangible and tactile), documentary evidence (a written statement or material such as discs, tapes, videos, and photographs), or oral evidence (the testimony of a witness). The gathering of evidence as part of your argument is critical. You must be able to prove the facts on which your case is based if you wish to win. Evidence is presented at various phases of the judicial proceeding. When the claim or defences are filed, some evidence will be produced. There will also be deadlines for submitting evidence prior to the start of a trial.

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Chloe Herd and Jenna Anderson


Complete Clarity Solicitors are overjoyed to welcome Chloe Herd and Jenna Anderson as Trainee Solicitors. Chloe and Jenna began working with the Firm in January 2022 as Legal Assistants. They have been incredibly successful in this role and are already working with our team of Solicitors on a variety of complex cases.

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How shift workers can coordinate child contact agreements?


When the court makes a decision about child contact, the best interests of the child(ren) take precedence. However, it is vital to highlight that there is no standardised strategy to contact arrangements. Each child and family is unique, and when developing a contact agreement, parents can be creative and flexible in terms of how contact is created and maintained. The essential topics to consider when dealing with shift work as a separated parent are communication, consistency, and flexibility. It is up to each family to think about strategies to support and preserve contact that works for them while keeping the child's interests and well-being in mind.

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There is no sign of a reduction in the number of Scottish corporate insolvencies


Back in March, the Accountant in Bankruptcy ("AiB") has published its corporate insolvency data for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2021-22, which runs from January to March 2022. The AiB monitors liquidations and receiverships, and their data reveal that the number of companies entering liquidation has nearly doubled during the same quarter in 2020-21, with 240 entities entering liquidation compared to 91 the previous year. It is worth noting that, in the past, most corporate insolvencies were forced liquidations, whereas since the first quarter of 2020-21, the majority have been creditors' voluntary liquidations, implying that company directors are deciding to wind up based on the company's inability to pay its debts, rather than creditor pressure. 

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Meet The Team - Ciara Young


Complete Clarity Solicitors are delighted to announce that Ciara Young has been promoted to Senior Solicitor. Ciara has worked with Complete Clarity as a legal assistant, trainee solicitor and into qualification. Ciara has made huge strides within the Firm and within the legal profession. She successfully represents clients across all of our practice areas and approaches cases with gumption and a confidence beyond her years. While Ciara’s passion is absolutely litigation, she takes time out of her day to provide guidance and assistance to her colleagues. Ciara was recently short-listed for the ‘Rising Star’ award at the Scottish Legal Awards. This is a testament to her rambunctious and passionate approach to her legal career, her clients, and her colleagues.

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What should I do if my opponent has no money but I have a strong case?


When considering litigation, one of the first things we consider is your opponent's financial sustainability. Before filing a case, most claimants would want some assurance that they will be able to recoup at least some of their losses and legal costs. So, what can we do to determine whether your adversary will be able to satisfy any judgement rendered against them?

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Scott Stevenson and Siobhan Brown


Complete Clarity Solicitors are delighted to announce that Scott Stevenson and Siobhan Brown are going to continue to work with us as Solicitors, following their qualification in September 2022.

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Meet The Team Linzi McQuade


Linzi McQuade Joins The Team

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Managing common areas in a housing development


A developer's goals in managing the common components of a development include:

  1. Maintaining the amenities and services within a development to make sure it provides a high-quality living environment.
  2. Make sure the management structure gives the developer a way out so they can transfer management to a trustworthy successor and transfer all liability for common elements once the development is finished.
  3. A transparent, fair, and equitable management system that minimises disagreements regarding the fees assessed to plot owners for the upkeep of the common areas It is common for residents to dispute their bills and try to get out of paying for amenities they may feel they don't use. 

The management of the common elements may be covered in the title deeds in a number of ways. Depending on the specifics of the development, such as its size, location, and nature, it is important to determine which method is the best course of action.

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Meet the team - Kara Mcgregor-Duke


Meet the team - Kara Mcgregor-Duke

Kara McGregor-Duke has recently joined Complete Clarity Solicitors as Associate Solicitor. Kara has been an active part of the legal profession since she was 16 years old, starting out as an Administrative Assistant before working as a Paralegal, and ultimately qualifying as a Solicitor. Kara trained at one of the top tier Law Firms in Scotland before joining a firm in Lockerbie, Dumfries and Galloway where she gained a wealth of experience running a bustling department. 

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Children – Our Guide During A Separation


When you and your partner separate, you will have to decide what the care arrangements are going to be for your children. In some circumstances, parents are able to sort these arrangements directly between them by agreeing on what is in the best interests of their child(ren). On occasion, parents can have different points of view and this can make it difficult to reach an agreement resulting in uncertainty and stress. If you are struggling to agree on matters relating to your children then we can help you in order to provide a more certain future for you and your family.

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Selling Your Home with Clarity Simplicity

Selling your home can be both an exhilarating and exciting time. At Clarity Simplicity we aim to deliver a quality service that makes the process as easy as possible for you. In this guide, we will explain the steps involved in selling your property so that you know exactly what to expect at each step of the way from putting your home on the market to handing over the keys.

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Cohabitation Law in Scotland


In Scotland, Cohabitants (see below) do not have the same rights as married couples or those in civil partnerships and it is important not to assume that things will be treated the same. However, the law does provide some rights for cohabitants in the event of separation or death or, alternatively, there are some measures you can take to make things clearer.

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Family law and Your Family's Needs


We can advise individuals who are experiencing the trauma and complexity of separation and divorce including matters involving issues regarding children and finances. It is important in Family Law matters that you instruct a solicitor who is familiar with the under-noted areas of law and someone whom you have confidence in at what is likely to be a very difficult time.

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How can we help you recover debts?


It can be challenging for individuals and businesses to manage their personal finances or manage their cash flow and keep their business running if they don't take adequate steps to recover debts due to them. If you, or your business, is owed money you should aim to recover that debt as soon as possible. There are different ways that you can seek to recover a debt in Scotland depending upon the level of debt that is owed.

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Buying Your Home with Clarity Simplicity


Buying your home can be both an exhilarating and exciting time.

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Why do I need a Will?

will You can decide who will inherit what from your estate scotland

You can decide who will inherit what from your estate

A Will is a legal document that takes effect once you die. Anyone in Scotland can write a Will from age 12. When you die everything you own, and all the debts you owe, are regarded as your 'estate'.

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Ciara Young has been short-listed as ‘rising star of the year’ for the Scottish Legal Awards 2022


The Scottish Legal Awards were established in 2003 with the purpose of recognising outstanding achievements in the Scottish legal profession. The impartial competition is evaluated by a team of industry experts chosen from across the sector. The goal of the competition is to recognise the finest achievements in the legal industry across Scotland and we are delighted to announce our very own Ciara Young has been shortlisted for an award at the September 2022 event.

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