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Unmanageable personal debts may result in clarity and relief through prompt action and counsel

Celebrating with loved ones, indulging in food and drink, and exchanging presents characterises the festive season. However, it may also present financial obstacles. Despite increasing living expenses, unprecedented interest rates exceeding ten per cent, and persistently high inflation, potentially leading to insolvency and debts that are unmanageable. In Scotland, dealing with debt can be overwhelming, […]

There is no sign of a reduction in the number of Scottish corporate insolvencies

Back in March, the Accountant in Bankruptcy (“AiB”) has published its corporate insolvency data for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2021-22, which runs from January to March 2022. The AiB monitors liquidations and receiverships, and their data reveal that the number of companies entering liquidation has nearly doubled during the same quarter in […]

How can we help you recover debts?

It can be challenging for individuals and businesses to manage their personal finances or manage their cash flow and keep their business running if they don’t take adequate steps to recover debts due to them. If you, or your business, is owed money you should aim to recover that debt as soon as possible. There […]

Is it possible to recover money due to you without having to do going to court?

Often, clients contact us regarding debts due to them, with the understanding that a lengthy and expensive court action will have to take place before they have a hope of retrieving those funds. However, given the correct circumstances, there may be another alternative available. Summary diligence is a feature of the Scottish judicial system. The […]

British Businesses Suffer Due to Unpaid Invoices

New research has revealed that British SMEs are owed more than £500 billion in outstanding invoices, an increase of more than 70% in two years. The latest Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking Business in Britain research also found that the problem is likely to get worse during 2016, with almost 30% of small businesses expecting more […]

MEPs Back Small Debt Recovery Plans

The European Parliament’s legal affairs committee has given its backing to plans to improve and broaden the use of a simplified procedure for low-value cross-border claims to recover money from abroad. The proposed changes would cut costs and paperwork for both consumers and businesses, and also make the procedure available for more cases, cap court […]

New Proposals to Tackle Late Payment

The UK Government has launched a consultation over new proposals that will require large and listed companies to publish detailed information about their payment practices and performance. It says that the proposed changes will provide robust information making it easier for small businesses to compare the role models with the less reputable. Specifically, the average […]

Calls for More Action on Late Payment

Further action on late payment should be one of the top priorities in the Autumn Statement, according to national business group the Forum of Private Business. Ahead of the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement in December, the Forum has written to George Osborne with a list of top business wants, including action on late payment and tax, […]

Parliament Passes Buildings Bill

A new law, which was introduced by the Scottish Government to allow local councils to recover debts they have incurred when taking on enforcement work on dangerous or defective buildings, has been passed by the Scottish Parliament. Local authorities have a statutory obligation to deal with dangerous buildings, and can take action on defective buildings […]

Paving the way for cross-border debt recovery

An initiative by the European Commission to help businesses recover millions of euros that are currently lost each year in cross-border debts has now received the backing of the European Parliament. The proposed European Account Preservation Order will help ensure that businesses recover these cross-border debts by allowing creditors to preserve the amount owed in […]