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How to Contact Our Legal Team: Step-by-Step Guide

Need legal assistance? Our expert team is here to help with Family Law, Dispute Resolution, Business and Property Law, Housing Law, Employment, and Private Client matters. Follow these easy steps to contact us and get the support you need. Areas We Assist With We can assist any individual or business who has a legal problem […]

Why having a will (even a simple one) is better than dying without a will

Why having a will (even a simple one) is better than dying without a will Making a will can seem difficult, and the temptation to put it off until “another day” may be great. There are numerous justifications offered for not drafting a will, many of them are founded on false presumptions or a failure […]

What are my rights? I have been removed from a Will

What are my rights? I have been removed from a Will How do I contest, dispute, and challenge a will and estate that I was left out of? For instance, my father left his money to his unmarried partner and left me out of his will, or my mother left more money to my sister […]

Why do I need a Will?

You can decide who will inherit what from your estate A Will is a legal document that takes effect once you die. Anyone in Scotland can write a Will from age 12. When you die everything you own, and all the debts you owe, are regarded as your ‘estate’. If you die without leaving a […]

Making decisions about our bodies for both life and death

Making decisions about our bodies is a critical component of estate planning. There are various areas where a person can prepare in advance to present information about their preferences, allowing their requests to be honoured in the end. Failure to carry out such future planning can result in various default legislation taking effect, which may […]

The importance of sorting your Will in the times of coronavirus

According to the Law Society, the number of people looking to write new Wills in the UK has risen by at least 30 per cent following the outbreak of coronavirus. Nevertheless, the process of creating and amending Wills relies heavily on face-to-face interaction, which makes the government measures to stay at home and self-isolate more […]

Who can witness my Will with social distancing measures in place?

In light of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, you will likely have numerous questions about how this could impact your estate planning. Now, more than ever, it is vital to check that all of your documents, especially your Will, are up to date and reflect your current life circumstances. At Complete Clarity, we are here […]

Less than 30% of divorced Brits have updated their will to reflect a new relationship

According to recent research from Direct Life Line Insurance, 60 per cent of divorced Brits who are now in a new relationship, have failed to update any of their personal finances since their previous marriage. This includes the beneficiaries of their pension, death in service benefits, health and life insurance, money in trust, or their will. […]

Consultation on fairer succession law opens

The Scottish Government launched a public consultation on the 17th February 2019, asking how the law covering succession could better reflect 21st century Scotland. The consultation seeks the public’s view on two main points: how an intestate estate should be split when there are both a surviving spouse and children left, and what rights cohabitants […]