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Dispute between Neighbours over Height of Hedge

Scotland’s High Hedges Act has been used once again to resolve a long-running and bitter dispute between neighbours, reports the Telegraph.

Residents of the village of Buchlyvie in Stirlingshire used the legislation to require a neighbour to drastically cut back a leylandii hedge that had reached around 40ft in height.

The height of the trees meant that light to surrounding houses was severely restricted, to the extent that one homeowner had to have lights on in the property even during the day. In addition, residents claimed that because of the hedge the ground had become very dry and unsuitable for growing.

The owner of the trees claimed that they provided privacy and shelter from the wind, and also that they were an important nesting area for the local birds. However, the Scottish Government reporter dismissed these claims and ordered that the one section of the trees be reduced to just six feet, and the rest to nine feet.

According to the Telegraph, the owner has been given until October this year to comply with the order. If she fails to do so, Stirling Council will for arrange for the trees to be cut back and bill her for the cost.

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