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Divorce battle lasting longer than marriage

A former husband and wife from America have been going through a series of bitter legal disputes associated with their divorce that have lasted for the past 17 years – seven years longer than the duration of their actual marriage, reports

The couple, who are both law professors at different universities, took five years to complete the divorce itself, and have fought over a range of issues, including custody of their two children and unpaid child support.

According to, they have lodged at least 28 cases against each other over the years, and the lawsuit for their divorce contained around 1,400 entries, which is apparently 1,000 more than usual.

Their behaviour has been heavily criticised by other members of the legal profession, with one court describing their behaviour as “appalling”.

Unfortunately, matters are still unresolved, with the next court date set for September to hear arguments over an alleged outstanding monetary debt, reports

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