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Education Law Help for Appealing against Refusal of Placing Request cases in Scotland in 2021

Many of you out there like me, will be a parent.  I’m sure that I don’t only speak for myself when I say that making sure my children have the best education they can possibly get is certainly one of the most important matters for me as a parent and one which is a critical part of my role to ensure their best interests are served at all times  However, for some parents simply having to send their kids to a school that as a parent they know is not in the best interests of their child is at times a reality.

The Council system in Scotland creates something known as ‘Catchment Areas’ – that is simply a way of your local council determining which primary of secondary school your son or daughter ought to go to based on your address alone.

This time of year is one which finds many parents choosing to do something about this where that ‘Catchment Area’ placement means their child being placed in a school that they do not consider to be in their child’s best interests.  Those parents are making a Placing Request to a Council to have their son or daughter attend another school; a school that they believe is better for their child.

For Placing Request advice and indeed legal advice in respect of appealing against a refusal of a Placing Request, please see our video below or read our guide here.