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International Woman’s Day – Emma King

I stand firmly in the place that by recognising the importance of International Women’s Day and supporting its goals, together I believe we can contribute to a more just and equitable world for all.

Being asked to prepare this piece for International Women’s Day gave me cause to pause and reflect on my experience as a woman; on the experience of others; how I wish to be treated; and how I treat others. As a starting point, I hope I always view each individual on the planet as a human. As a human being every individual deserves respect, dignity and recognition for what they achieve on a day to day basis. This is something I personally aspire to and advocate for within my professional and personal life, this is regardless of an individual’s sex -or indeed any other factor which defines them.

In the current political landscape, the most divisive among us take particular issue with ‘visibility days”, including International Women’s Day. Some, at the most extreme end, may take the view that they are discriminatory because the seek to highlight the challenges and triumphs of one characteristic or demographic.

Against that background, I wanted to remind myself why it is particularly important to highlight and celebrate the experiences of women on International Women’s Day. Looking in to the background for this piece I found lots of information highlighting why International Women’s Day is an important occasion for celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women worldwide. It provides a platform to raise awareness of the challenges and discrimination that women often face, while also promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women. This day therefore is not discriminatory; rather, it is an inclusive and necessary acknowledgment of the struggles and triumphs of females of all backgrounds.

First and foremost, International Women’s Day serves as a reminder of the progress that women have made in various aspects of life. It celebrates the achievements of women in a wide and diverse range of fields, including law and business both communities that I am proud to be part of. It allows us to highlight the contributions of women to the betterment of society. By recognising and honouring these achievements, International Women’s Day inspires future generations of women to 

strive for success and fulfilment in their chosen endeavours. Furthermore, this day sheds light on the challenges and injustices that women still face around the world. From the gender pay gap to limited access to education and healthcare, women continue to encounter systemic barriers that inhibit their full potential. Challenging injustices and assisting people is the primary reason I became a lawyer in the first place so this speaks hugely to my core values.

International Women’s Day serves as a catalyst for raising awareness of these issues and advocating for change. It brings attention to the need for gender equality and provides a platform for addressing issues such as violence against women, discrimination in the workplace, and lack of representation in leadership roles. Importantly, International Women’s Day is not exclusive to one group or demographic. It is a day that embraces diversity and inclusivity, recognising the experiences and contributions of women from all walks of life. Whether they are from different ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, or socio-economic statuses, women everywhere can come together to celebrate their achievements and work towards a more equitable future. Moreover, International Women’s Day encourages solidarity among women and their allies. It is a day for people of all genders to come together in support of women’s rights and gender equality. By fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose, this day serves to strengthen the global movement for women’s empowerment and social justice. In conclusion, International Women’s Day is a crucial and non-discriminatory observance that highlights the achievements, challenges, and ongoing struggles of women worldwide. It fosters a spirit of inclusivity, diversity, and solidarity while advocating for gender equality and the empowerment of women.

On a personal level, and to a far lesser degree, being a woman is not something that I am aware of causing an overt injustice in my personal or professional life. But when challenging myself on my thought process I came to realise that on an almost daily basis I do encounter- as do all of my contemporaries- insidious and creeping sexism and being treated, or acting, differently because of my gender. Focusing particularly on my professional life, having a male business partner I have lost count of the number of times when, in a joint meeting, I am ‘tasked’ with the admin/diary management. When walking in to an event together, inevitably he will be addressed as the owner/decision maker in the business. Even on social media posts for the businesses- reference to the business as ‘his’ by those who know it is a jointly owned enterprise and are connected to us both. Individually, none of these are harmful, or affect my day to day but cumulatively demonstrate a small snapshot of experience and how far we are still to come as a society.

It is important to take time to reflect on International Women’s Day; what it represents and celebrates. It’s served as an important reminder that by acknowledging the significance of this day and aligning with its aims, we can each play a part in fostering a fairer and more equitable world for everyone. These are what the businesses I lead stand for and I’m proud to use my platform as that business Leader to shine that spotlight.