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IOSH Course Helping Employers Make UK Workplace Safer

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) has developed a training programme, which provides business leaders with the knowledge they require to appropriately manage health and safety within their respective enterprises.

Crucially, the training package is specifically designed for business leader who have limited spare time on their hands.

Commenting on the course, which was developed by IOSH following a consultation with industry business leaders, Tracey Wright, who is the Commercial Development Manager for IOSH, said:

“Our research shows business leaders know they have safety and health responsibilities but don’t always know what they are. This is all about you and how leading safely leads to success.”

Also commenting, Subash Ludhra, a former IOSH President, stated:

“Personally I think it is a very important course for leaders within industry and I think IOSH is setting the pace for helping leaders understand what their role is going forward.

“Unfortunately leaders don’t always fully understand what they need to know and more importantly what the implications are of getting it wrong, and I think this package will help to dispel those myths and make it very clear to them in terms of what their roles and responsibilities are.”

Finally, George Guy, who is a Safety Advisor for RWE Generation UK plc, weighed in with his opinion:

“There is an acknowledgement within our company that leadership is a key part of managing safety.

“It is even more important now. With the amount of change that is happening within the industry globally the safety message can be diluted at times – it is key that your leaders actually do lead and keep that message alive.”

The course was unveiled at the IOSH Conference 2015 as well as at the Safety & Health Expo.

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