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Maharaja’s estate dispute finally settles

An interesting estate dispute from India appears to have reached closure, according to a report from the Telegraph. This reveals that a battle over the estate of one of India’s most wealthy royal families has finally been settled.

The case concerns the Gaekwads of Baroda, who apparently have been in dispute for 23 years over the family fortune – thought to be worth around £3 billion. It began after the death of the then Maharaja, Fetehsinghrao Gaekwad, in 1988. According to the Telegraph, he was succeeded by Ranjitsinh, his younger brother, but another brother, Sangramsinh, claimed half of the estate on the grounds that it was his entitlement in accordance with family tradition.

Ranjtsinh was succeeded himself last year by Maharaja Samarjitsinh Gaekwad, who began negotiations to settle the dispute. These negotiations were successful and an agreement has now been reached on the distribution of the estate.

Speaking to the Telegraph, one of the lawyers who helped with the negotiations explained that the dispute hadn’t really been over money, but instead had been about ‘different perceptions’.

“It was very bitter but let us pray the bitterness has now gone,” he reportedly said.

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