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New Role Announcements Complete Clarity 

We’re excited to announce some fantastic role changes within our firm! From strengthening our leadership to enhancing our training programs, we’ve made several strategic moves to better serve our clients. Let’s dive into the details of these exciting changes.

First, we have Kara MacGregor-Duke taking on the vital role of Head of the Family Law Department. Kara has always been a passionate advocate for her clients, bringing empathy and precision to every case she handles. Her leadership skills and extensive experience make her the perfect fit for this position. As Head of the Family Law Team, Kara will oversee all family law matters, ensuring our clients receive the best possible guidance and representation during challenging times.

Scott Stevenson: Associate Solicitor​

Next, Scott Stevenson is stepping into the role of Associate Solicitor. Scott has been a key player in our firm for several years, consistently demonstrating his legal acumen and dedication to client satisfaction. His promotion to Associate Solicitor is a testament to his hard work and expertise. Scott will continue to focus on delivering exceptional legal services, now with a broader scope of responsibilities and greater influence within the firm.

Molly Sommerville has been appointed to oversee Training and Development. With a keen eye for identifying talent and a deep understanding of the legal landscape, Molly is set to revolutionise our training programs. Her role will involve creating comprehensive training modules, facilitating professional development workshops, and ensuring our team remains at the forefront of legal expertise. Molly’s dedication to continuous improvement will undoubtedly enhance our firm’s overall performance.

Emma Beard: Senior Paralegals​

Emma Hamilton and Emma Beard are stepping into the Senior Paralegal role. Their combined experience and meticulous attention to detail have made significant contributions to our firm’s success. As Senior Paralegals, they will take on more complex cases, mentor junior staff, and play a crucial role in managing our caseloads. Their promotion reflects their outstanding commitment and expertise in the legal field.

Both Paralegals have years of experience. Emma Beard specialises in conveyancing and plays a big role in our conveyancing team. 

Emma Hamilton specialises in all areas of evictions and family law. If you require to speak with one of our paralegals you can make a no-cost first initial appointment. 

Finally, Chloe Herd and Jenna Anderson have achieved the milestone of becoming Qualified Solicitors. Both Chloe and Jenna have shown remarkable dedication and growth throughout their training periods. Their qualification is a significant achievement and a reflection of their hard work and perseverance. As Qualified Solicitors, they will now take on full caseloads, providing top-notch legal services to our clients and contributing to the firm’s growth.

Both Jenna and Chloe specialise in housing/evictions and dispute resolution but also have been exposed in all areas of our departments.  

You can speak to one of our highly qualified solicitors and make a no cost initial appointment by calling 01 41 433 2626

In Conclusion:

These new roles within our firm mark an exciting chapter for us. By promoting and recognising the talents of Scott Stevenson, Kara MacGregor-Duke, Molly Sommerville, Emma Hamilton, Emma Beard, Chloe Herd, and Jenna Anderson, we are positioning ourselves for even greater success. Each of these individuals brings unique strengths to their new roles, and we are confident that their contributions will help us better serve our clients and achieve our goals.

We are committed to delivering exceptional legal services, and these new roles are just the beginning of our journey toward excellence.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our team, feel free to reach out. We’re here to help! We have a no-cost initial consultation for 30 minutes with a solicitor or if you need to speak with a family lawyer we have an initial cost for consultation.