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Proximity to Premiership Grounds Can Impact House Prices

New research from Halifax has looked at the impact that proximity to the grounds of a Premiership football team can have on house prices. The research looked at house prices of properties near the grounds of all 49 football clubs that have played in the Premier League since 1992, to see which area had hit […]

Proximity to a Farmers Market Can Boost House Prices

New research by Zoopla has found that properties located close to a popular farmers market could be worth up to 26% more than the average home in the same county. It appears that living in close proximity to a weekly supply of organic vegetables and artisan bread can come at a price, with properties near […]

Housing Market Needs More Houses

The UK Government recently published a White Paper on the housing market in England, describing it as “broken”. According to the White Paper, the reason for this is very simple – not enough homes are being built, now and in the past, and supply continues to lag significantly behind demand. Not Enough Houses Being Built […]