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“Bedroom Tax” Legal Challenge

Human rights organisation Liberty has announced that it has been granted permission to bring a Judicial Review of the Government’s controversial “bedroom tax”, based on the policy’s impact on separated families with shared custody of children. The scheme cuts parents’ Housing Benefit if they have a ‘spare room’, even if that room is used by […]

‘Bedroom tax’ under the spotlight

Recently published research into the impact of the ‘bedroom tax’ in Scotland has found that, despite the financial pressures applied by the tax, Scottish social housing tenants are proving to be resistant to the idea of downsizing their homes. Research commissioned by Parliament Professor in Housing Economics at the University of Glasgow, Professor Kenneth Gibb, […]

Women win bedroom tax challenge

Two women have won a legal challenge against the effects of the controversial bedroom tax, reports the Daily Record. Under the bedroom tax rules, tenants in council or housing association properties can have their housing benefit cut by between 14 – 25% if their homes have at least one spare bedroom. The two challengers lived […]