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Tribunals Bill welcomed by Justice Committee

The Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee has published its stage 1 report into the Tribunals (Scotland) Bill, in which it welcomes the proposals contained in the Bill and sets out a number of recommendations. The Bill is designed to create an improved system of independence and better quality of service for tribunal users in Scotland, including […]

Tribunals Bill moves forward

The introduction of legislation to make Scotland’s devolved tribunals simpler and more flexible has moved a step closer with the Stage 1 passing of the Bill in the Scottish Parliament. Tribunals are a key part of the legal system, providing an informal means of resolving disputes in areas relating to land, learning, health and housing. […]

Consultation on equal pay audits

The Government has launched a consultation, seeking the views of businesses on equal pay audits and the likely impact of proposed laws that will bring in a new requirement to conduct equal pay audits in certain circumstances. Under the proposals, an Employment Tribunal that finds that an employer has breached equal pay laws will be […]

CBI criticises employment tribunal system

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has called on the Government to take a fresh look at the employment tribunals system. The business group believes that the system is not meeting its goal of providing an accessible, speedy, informal and inexpensive way of resolving employment disputes. With recent Government figures revealing a relentless rise in […]