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Lack of Awareness of Agency Workers’ Rights

Agency workers are often unaware of their employment rights and are afraid of raising workplace concerns due to fears over job security, according to a new study by Acas. The study analysed calls made to the Acas helpline about agency work by both employers and employees. On average, one in five calls related to contract […]

New plans to tackle NMW defaulters

The Government has announced new measures to toughen up the enforcement of the national minimum wage (NMW) by making it easier to name and shame employers who do not comply. Under the original scheme, employers had to meet one of seven criteria before they could be named, including the provision of evidence: that the employer […]

Reforms to whistleblowing laws?

As part of its Review of Employment Law, the Government has recently published details of a package of reform measures, including a call for evidence over proposed reforms to the current whistleblowing laws. Whistleblowing reforms Employment Relations Minister, Jo Swinson, explained that the current whistleblowing system, created in 1998, works well, but that there is […]

Calls for greater action to improve workplace equality

The Government needs to do more to ensure workplace equality and to tackle female under-representation in certain sectors of the economy, claims a report from the House of Commons Business, Innovation and Skills Committee. Workplace gender inequality can occur in many different ways; from women finding it harder to obtain jobs in certain sectors; to […]