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Calls for Incentives to Encourage Earlier Transfer of Wealth

A new report has highlighted the extent of the pensions and savings gap in the UK, with many adults failing to save enough money to provide for a comfortable retirement. According to the report, one possible solution is to bring about an urgent change in attitudes towards inheritance planning, with a focus on the earlier […]

Over-50s Plot £50,000 Pension Giveaway

New research by Saga Investment Services has revealed that a growing number of over-50s are planning to hold back savings in their pension to pass on their wealth tax-efficiently. According to the research, 25% of those surveyed with a private, ‘defined contribution’ pension who were currently using flexible drawdown with their savings said they were […]

IFS Chiefs Proposes Inheritance Tax Overhau

The head of one of the leading think tanks in the UK has stated that the government should consider overhauling inheritance tax and how the system works in the UK. Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), Paul Johnson, stated that the current system of inheritance tax was deeply unpopular with the vast majority […]