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Study Predicts Greater Demand for Inheritance Tax Advice

New research from Prudential has revealed that financial advisers are forecasting a sharp rise in demand for inheritance tax (IHT) advice. The study found that around seven out of ten (69%) advisers expect demand from clients for advice on IHT planning to grow over the next 12 months, with 37% forecasting a significant increase. However, […]

Nation Acquires Another Painting through Acceptance in Lieu Scheme

A major full-length portrait by Sir Joshua Reynolds of the 5th Earl of Carlisle has been accepted in lieu of inheritance tax for the nation. The Acceptance in Lieu (AIL) scheme is administered by Arts Council England, and enables taxpayers to pay inheritance tax by transferring important works of art and other important heritage objects […]

IFS Chiefs Proposes Inheritance Tax Overhau

The head of one of the leading think tanks in the UK has stated that the government should consider overhauling inheritance tax and how the system works in the UK. Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), Paul Johnson, stated that the current system of inheritance tax was deeply unpopular with the vast majority […]