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New tribunal to hear housing disputes

It was interesting to hear that the Scottish Government’s forthcoming Housing Bill will include plans to create a new housing tribunal, designed to act as a specialist decision maker for disputes in the private rented sector (PRS). The plan is that, once the tribunal is up and running, it will take on board most of […]

Are you a Landlord?

Eviction – Have you got a good lease? Think your tenant(s) will leave when you ask them? For a Landlord, purchasing a property to let would tend to indicate a safe investment. However, the granting of atenancy agreement can turn this into a rather risky business. Yet more and more Landlords find themselves in the […]

Landlords!! You thought it was tough… But then it got tougher!!

Shelter Scotland (who provide free advice of tenants and the homeless) have today been granted funding of £200k. Do you know a Landlord or a Letting Agent? Tell them that we can help tackle unruly tenants quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Contact us for a FREE Consultation. For a FREE consultation call us today on […]