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Family at war over inheritance

A family is caught up in a bitter court battle over an estate thought to be worth around £7 million, reports the Telegraph. Clive Zola Berger, who died in June 2005, made his fortune in property. His widow, Rosana Berger, and his two sons from a former marriage are now arguing over how the money […]

Financial Services, Legal Advice and You!

The combination of the law with financial services does not just make complete sense it is, most of the time, an absolute must in the delivery of effective legal solutions to clients. In making a Will you may not “have anything to give” (or so you may think) but it is not just about what […]

Receive a Will for only £50!

Working with you, our Solicitors can prepare your Will and provide clear instructions to your loved ones. Your Will should ensures that whatever personal belongings and assets you do have will go to who you wish and not someone else. Without a Will, the courts make these decisions. If you have children, a Will is […]