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Billy Smith

Consumer Rights Act Gives New Rights to Consumers

Consumers who buy digital products, such as music downloads or ebooks, now have new legal rights when these products are faulty.

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Emma King

Insurance Bill Becomes Law

Legislation that implements reforms recommended by the Law Commissions of England and Wales and of Scotland to modernise and simplify insurance contract law across the UK has received Royal Assent.

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Billy Smith

New Rights for Consumers

New rights came into force on 1st October 2014 that give consumers greater powers to challenge rogue traders and get their money back.

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Billy Smith

Contractual Rights and Doorstep Traders

In a decision that has been welcomed by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the Supreme Court has recently ruled that a consumer who entered into a doorstep selling contract was entitled to cancel his contract and get his money back when a trader failed to tell him about his legal right to cancel.

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Emma King

Reforming Insurance Contract Law

A bill has been introduced to the UK Parliament that will update the 100-year-old rules governing contracts between businesses and insurers.

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Complete Clarity Solicitors

New Bill Proposes Changes to Scots Contract Law

A new Bill to simplify contract law in Scotland has been introduced to the Scottish Parliament.

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Emma King

Rectifying consumer disputes - consultation

Plans to give consumers greater access to redress if something goes wrong with their purchase of goods or services are the subject of a recently launched Government consultation.

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Billy Smith

Misrepresentation in a contract – new ruling

The Supreme Court has recently given its ruling in a contractual dispute involving the lease to a grouse moor.

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Billy Smith

Issues remaining in Consumer Rights Bill

The Government’s draft Consumer Rights Bill has the potential to consolidate, simplify and modernise consumer law, but this depends on resolving issues and inconsistencies in the draft, according to a recent report from Parliament's Business, Innovation and Skills Committee.

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Billy Smith

New international rules on mediation

Mediation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, often offer a better solution to commercial disputes than going to court – so it is good to see that the new International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Rules of Mediation are now in force.

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Billy Smith

Cross-border business disputes to be simplified

New measures to strengthen the position of consumers and businesses in low-value cross-border disputes have been proposed by the European Commission.

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