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Top Cyclists Want Presumed Liability Law

Two top cyclists, Silas Goldsworthy and Martin Williamson, have given their support to the Road Share campaign - which calls for presumed liability to be introduced in Scotland's civil law to better protect cyclists involved in road accidents.

If presumed liability was to be introduced in Scottish civil law, a hierarchy of responsibility would be created. This means that motorists would be presumed liable for the loss, injury and damage to a cyclist involved in a collision with a motor vehicle, while cyclists would be presumed liable for damage, loss or injury caused to a pedestrian involved in a collision with a bicycle.

Should the presumed liability system be implemented, Scotland’s motorists and cyclists would not be prevented from alleging the injured party was at fault, whether fully or partly.

Commenting on the matter, Mr Goldsworthy said: “It’s my opinion that in order to improve conditions on our roads, a package of measures is key including presumed liability and an increase in people’s patience. All road users need to understand how their actions can affect one another and spend less time trying to work out how to get past one another as quickly as possible rather than as safely as possible.”

More information on the Road Share Campaign can be accessed here.

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