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Tribunals Bill moves forward

The introduction of legislation to make Scotland’s devolved tribunals simpler and more flexible has moved a step closer with the Stage 1 passing of the Bill in the Scottish Parliament.

Tribunals are a key part of the legal system, providing an informal means of resolving disputes in areas relating to land, learning, health and housing. But the tribunals system in Scotland has developed in an ad-hoc way over many years and so the Scottish Government has introduced the Tribunals (Scotland) Bill to bring improvements to the structure, management and organisation of the system.

At the same time, says the Government, the Bill will continue to protect the distinctive nature and culture of each particular jurisdiction.

In particular, the Bill will:

  • Create a simple two-tier system – a First-tier Tribunal for hearing first decisions, into which the majority of tribunal jurisdictions will be transferred, and an Upper Tribunal primarily for appeals from the First-tier.
  • Bring judicial leadership under the remit of the Lord President.
  • Create a new office, the President of Scottish Tribunals, with responsibility for ensuring the new system runs effectively and efficiently.
  • Establish new independent appointment arrangements.

See our earlier blog for more details.

“The Tribunals Bill is at the heart of our commitment to improving our justice system, creating a structure which will give users a far better service whilst keeping the specialism and ethos of each individual jurisdiction intact,” said Minister for Legal Affairs Roseanna Cunningham.

“Passing Stage 1 means we are a step closer to simplifying the framework for tribunals, making it easier for users to navigate their way through the system. Meanwhile the new leadership structure will allow opportunities for tribunal members to share best practice, knowledge and experience, whilst delivering a high quality service to the Scottish people,” she added.

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