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Unfair Working Practices a Problem Across Scotland

According to a report recently published by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS), in excess of 46,500 Scottish workers and or employers are ‘desperate’ and ‘miserable’ due to unfair working practices - an increase of 5.5% on the previous year.

The report - Fair Enough? - lists a number of unfair working practices including:

  • Employees who were not paid at all by their employers;
  • Clients who were unfairly denied sick pay when ill;
  • Employers refusing to allow employees to take paid holiday;
  • Women who were dismissed when they became pregnant;
  • Migrant workers who were exploited; and
  • Clients who could not afford the fees for an Employment Tribunal claim

The report also suggests ways of making Scotland's workplaces fairer including; removing Employment Tribunal fees; and creating a new statutory Employment Commission.

The report will now be provided to government ministers, MPs and MSPs.

Commenting on the report Rob Gowans, speaking for CAS said:

"We know that many Scots who are unemployed face severe hardship. But many who do have jobs are living on low incomes and also facing extremely unfair conditions at work."

"The evidence we present today is a snapshot of the kind of employment cases we see. Of course it's important to say that most employers are fair and treat their staff well."

"But sadly it's clear that there are many rogue employers in Scotland, and also that the system is in many ways stacked against workers who want to challenge unfairness at work."

"Some of the unfair employment practices we see put workers in difficult, complex and miserable situations."

"In exposing these today we want to raise awareness of these problems, but also to argue the case for change."

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