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Women win bedroom tax challenge

Two women have won a legal challenge against the effects of the controversial bedroom tax, reports the Daily Record.

Under the bedroom tax rules, tenants in council or housing association properties can have their housing benefit cut by between 14 – 25% if their homes have at least one spare bedroom.

The two challengers lived in houses with spare rooms, and as a result they both faced the prospect of losing 14% of their housing benefit. However, the tribunal chairman who heard their case agreed with their arguments that the spare bedrooms in question were actually used for other purposes, and were therefore exempt from the rules.

One of the women, Louise McLeary, is blind and was able to prove that her spare room was not used as a bedroom, but instead was used to store her specialised computer equipment. Annie Harrower-Gray, the second challenger, successfully claimed that the spare rooms in her home didn’t provide suitable sleeping accommodation.

Experts have described their victory as important, and say that it should give hope to other people affected by the bedroom tax who are able to prove their spare rooms are used for other purposes, reports the Daily Record.

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