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Data, IP and technology disputes

When it comes to manoeuvring through the complex world of data, IP, and technology disputes, our team understands the complexities involved. With a keen eye on legal nuances and a commitment to strategic resolution, we address these challenges head-on. From untangling intricate arbitration cases to mediating complex disputes, and data ownership issues to safeguarding intellectual property rights, our expertise guarantees a proactive approach to dispute resolution. Stay tuned as we explore the intricacies of these critical areas and delve into the strategies employed to secure favourable outcomes in this dynamic landscape.

Legal Expertise in Data Disputes

In addressing data disputes, our team excels at resolving complex legal challenges with precision and expertise.

We’ve successfully handled supply chain data breaches in various sectors, including retail, leisure, and technology. Our experience extends to advising on data use within the gig economy and airline websites.

Of particular significance, we’ve resolved disputes involving trade marks and patents through arbitration and mediation. accommodation providers for asylum seekers and the high-profile Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal. Our track record showcases our ability to navigate intricate data issues with finesse and effectiveness.

With a deep understanding of data protection laws and regulations, we’re well-equipped to guide clients through the complexities of data disputes, ensuring favourable resolutions and safeguarding their interests.

Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution

Our team consistently excels at resolving intellectual property disputes often requiring arbitration or mediation to resolve. with precision and expertise, providing clients with effective solutions. We have a proven track record of securing settlements in mediation and arbitration cases. global brand disputes and licensing conflicts.

By obtaining injunctions, we protect brand rights and prevent grey market distribution. Our focus on intellectual property enables us to navigate the complexities of trademark claimscopyright infringement, and design right disputes with finesse.

Through our strategic approach, we guarantee that our clients’ intellectual property rights are safeguarded and upheld. With a deep understanding of intellectual property law, we’re dedicated to delivering favourable outcomes and protecting the valuable assets of our clients in the ever-evolving landscape of IP disputes.

Handling Technology Disputes Effectively

Managing the intricacies of technology disputes demands a strategic and proactive approach to guarantee successful resolution. By staying ahead of emerging issues and utilizing our expertise in data, IP, and technology disputes, we can effectively navigate challenges such as failed IT projectssystem development disputes, and access denial to technology platforms.

Our team excels in mediating these conflicts, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible outcomes. With a focus on swift and efficient resolution, we leverage our global network of legal professionals and industry experts to provide thorough support throughout the dispute resolution process.

Trust us to handle your technology disputes with precision and expertise, guiding you towards a favourable resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Provide Guidance on GDPR Compliance in Data Disputes?

Sure, we can offer guidance on GDPR compliance in data disputes. Our experienced team can provide insights on manoeuvring data protection regulations, ensuring your operations align with GDPR requirements, and mitigating risks effectively.

How Do You Handle Disputes Involving Open-Source Software?

When handling disputes involving open-source software, we assess licensing terms, compliance issues, and potential violations, often turning to mediation or arbitration provided by WIPO’s Arbitration and Mediation Center. Our team collaborates with experts to navigate complexities, protect rights, and find resolutions that align with legal requirements.

What Are the Implications of Brexit on Intellectual Property Disputes?

Brexit impacts intellectual property disputes as laws change. We stay informed and adapt strategies to navigate evolving regulations, ensuring our clients’ rights are protected, often employing mediation or arbitration. Our team provides expert guidance and support throughout these changes.

Do You Assist With Trade Secret Protection in Technology Disputes?

We manage trade secret protection in technology disputes. Our seasoned team guarantees the safeguarding of confidential information, providing strategic counsel and legal support to secure your intellectual property rights effectively.

Can You Recommend Cybersecurity Measures for Data Security Incidents?

Sure, we can recommend cybersecurity measures for data security incidents. Our team is well-versed in handling such issues and can provide proactive strategies to safeguard your data. Let’s discuss the details further.


To sum up, managing data, IP, and technology disputes requires a unique blend of legal expertise and strategic foresight.

By staying informed on industry developments and leveraging a global network of professionals, we’re able to provide expert guidance to safeguard clients’ interests and achieve favourable outcomes.

With a deep understanding of data protection lawsintellectual property rights, and technology regulations, we’re well-equipped to handle the complexities of these disputes with finesse and precision, using arbitration and mediation when appropriate.

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