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Commercial contract disputes often involve detailed analysis of the terms and conditions (sometimes referred to as ‘T&Cs’ under a contract or series of contracts. For instance, with a contract for the sale of goods or services there will often be terms and conditions specifying details such as price and payment, delivery, risk, title, limitation of liability, warranties, intellectual property rights, which law governs the contract (e.g. Scots Law) and which court has exclusive or non-exclusive jurisdiction (such as the courts of Scotland or the courts of England and Wales), among many other complex provisions.

It can often be intimidating reading such terms and conditions under one or several contracts, let alone understanding what they mean in context. Let us cut through the legalese and provide you with clear and pragmatic commercial advice. Our team is led by expert Litigation solicitor and Times Lawyer of the Week Billy Smith. 

Business contract advice solicitors 

Our business lawyers can help you understand the most important parts of your contract and help advise and represent you in any business dispute.

Based in Glasgow, East Kilbride and Edinburgh, we advise business owners and companies who trade in Scotland including those trading in local towns and cities such as Kilmarnock, Stirling, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow itself and many other locations.

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To find out how we can help you understand the terms and conditions in your contract and to help you resolve any business disputes in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland, call us today on 0808 168 5822 or complete our online enquiry form and let us help you.

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We'll keep this brief; you've already heard enough about C-19.

Even in these most extreme of circumstances this week has shown that our clients continue to need legal advice/guidance. We now want to make it even easier for you. For the duration of this lockdown, we openly invite you to contact us and arrange a time with either Emma or Billy via FaceTime, WhatsApp Video, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or even the good old telephone. What’s more, there is no cost to you for this service; we’re on hand now to help you through these troubling times.

With your permission, we’ll keep you up to date as we all get through this together.

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