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Power of Attorney & Guardianships in Scotland – Power of Attorney Solicitor

Have you been asked to obtain Power of Attorney or Guardianship and need to know more? Is a relative or loved one suffering from a mental illness and you need to look after them and their finances? Are you dealing with an incapable Adult?

You are now one step closer to clear answers.

Power of attorney and guardianship Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland

Granting Power of Attorney is just as important as having a Will. Everyone should have one. The process is very straightforward. It is a written document which lets you plan what kind of things you want someone to do for you in the future if you, for any reason, are unable to make those decisions.

If you chose not to grant Power of Attorney your family/friends will have to approach the courts seeking Guardianship (see below) in the event of incapacity. Guardianship can be expensive when compared to the relatively inexpensive costs of Power of Attorney. You should act now if you wish to grant Power of Attorney.

Contact our specialist team of Lawyers now for further advice and a clearer understanding of Power of Attorney.

Guardianship orders in Scotland – power of attorney in Scotland

A guardianship order may be required to authorise relatives or friends of an incapable adult to manage their physical and financial affairs, where there is not already a power of attorney in place. Similar to Power of Attorney, a Guardianship order is a court order which authorises relatives/friends to manage the physical and financial affairs of an incapable Adult. The process can become very complex. However, our court team’s experience in this area will provide you with a very clear understanding of the process as a whole.

Our solicitors based in Glasgow, East Kilbride and Edinburgh have years of experience helping our clients with incapacity legal problems, particularly for elderly people (debilitating illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or Parkinson’s disease can be relevant) but also for those who have been incapacitated as a result of accident or injury.

Guardianship solicitors in Glasgow, East Kilbride & Edinburgh

The process can become very complex at what can be a very difficult family time. However, our court team’s experience in this area will provide you with a very clear understanding of what will be required, who will be appointed Guardian and what powers and responsibilities the Guardian will have.

Based in Glasgow, East Kilbride & Edinburgh, we provide our clear and practical legal services to people across Scotland including those from DundeePaisley Lanarkshire and many other Scottish towns and cities.

Power of Attorney Legal Advice – Contact our power of attorney Solicitors Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland 

For a Free* consultation with our Power of Attorney and Guardianship lawyers based in Glasgow, Scotland, call us today on 0808 178 7292 or complete our online enquiry form and let us help you.

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