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Executry – Winding Up An Estate in Scotland

At Complete Clarity Solicitors, we understand that this is a difficult time. Winding up the affairs of a loved one is never easy. Let us help. There is enough to deal with without having to deal with paperwork and formalities too.

Bringing a loved one’s affairs to an end is never easy. We can help. We can guide you through the process of winding up your estate as quickly as possible. Our executry solicitors based in Glasgow can help.


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Obtaining confirmation – winding up an estate in Scotland – Executor Solicitor 

Before you can wind up an estate which is over ten thousand pounds, you must obtain ‘confirmation’. Confirmation is the Scottish equivalent of ‘probate’. This must be obtained from the deceased’s local sheriff court before an estate can be wound up.

We’ll listen to your instructions about winding up the estate, we’ll help you review the will if one exists and we’ll deal with the legal aspects of winding up the deceased’s affairs.

We’ll advise you on how your loved one’s estate is to be divided, what liabilities there may be and what you should do about them and guide you through the legal process. We’ll advise you on the value of the estate and how to go about liquidating the deceased’s assets.

We’ll make sure your loved one’s estate is wound up as quickly as possible and that matters are brought to a speedy conclusion. We’ll take the legal burden off your shoulders to make life that little bit easier.

We know that the best executry lawyers are those who help wind up the estate as quickly and efficiently as possible, and help their clients to move on

We’ll listen to your instructions on winding up the estate and advise you on how best to deal with any outstanding matters.

We will:

  • Help you settle any outstanding inheritance tax (IHT) liabilities
  • Help you get confirmation (sometimes wrongly called ‘probate’) from the deceased’s local sheriff court.
  • We’ll help sort out any unpaid bills, expenses (including funeral expenses) and legacies (gifts or cash sums left to individuals).
  • Help make the arrangements for cashing in investments and realising assets
  • Help you finally settle the deceased’s estate.

We help our clients wind up estates in Glasgow including Partick, Hyndland, Springburn,  Bishopbriggs, Maryhill, PaisleyAyr, Fife, Dumbarton, Crossmyloof, Giffnock, Clarkston, Newton Mearns, Edinburgh and other areas in Scotland.

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