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Family and Children Solicitors Glasgow, Edinburgh, East Kilbride and Shawlands

Facing difficulties in your family life can be highly emotional and put pressure on your financial situation. Our lawyers are here to help and discuss solutions. Complete Clarity Solicitors have expertise in legal issues involving families and children. We will support you and your loved ones towards the outcome you need.

To discuss your specific circumstances with one of our specialist family law solicitors, call today on 0808 169 5822 or complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you without delay.

Fixed-fee family and children lawyers Glasgow, Edinburgh, East Kilbride and Shawlands

We can assist with a broad range of family and child law matters, including:

Family disputes

Family disputes require careful guidance, particularly if you wish to protect your relationship with the parties involved. We regularly help families resolve a wide range of disagreements using the following methods:

  • Collaborative law
  • Litigation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Negotiation
  • Mediation

Going through a divorce can be challenging, but here at Complete Clarity Solicitors, we can help make the process as simple, cost-effective and efficient as possible so you can move on without delay. We will guide you through the process of divorce, taking care of everything from the formal legal process of ending your marriage to drafting and negotiating financial settlements and arranging childcare.

If you are entering into a civil partnership, you and your partner may be considering preparing a pre-civil partnership agreement to make financial arrangements if your relationship breaks down. Our family law specialists can provide sensitive and clear advice on the issues involved and help you negotiate and draft an agreement that meets your wishes. We’ll help you avoid expensive litigations should the worst-case scenario happen.

More and more couples are entering into cohabitation as an alternative to marriage. Cohabitation comes with certain legal rights and obligations. We can help protect your interests by drafting a cohabitation agreement or offering quality representation if the relationship breaks down. Allow us to work with you to avoid time consuming and expensive court actions.

If your relationship breaks down, separating your finances is an essential yet difficult task. Our lawyers can draft an agreement that works for you and your family and represents your interests during negotiations. We’ll help you avoid expensive litigations should the worst-case scenario happen.

Your children are important to you, so we always fight for their best interests. If maintaining contact with your children or grandchildren is your top priority so we will take the time to understand your wishes and work with all parties to find a solution.

A prenuptial agreement is an excellent way to get your married life off to a great start. No one likes to consider the prospect of a relationship breakdown; however, a prenuptial agreement can give you the security to move forward with confidence. Help us help you to avoid expensive court litigation.

For expert legal support and advice with your personal matters, contact us today. At Complete Clarity Solicitors, we provide clear and quality family and child law advice in a friendly environment.

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With offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Shawlands and East Kilbride, Complete Clarity Solicitors provides legal services throughout Scotland.

For a Free** consultation with our family solicitors, call us today on 0808 169 5822 or complete our online form and our lawyers will get back to you without delay.

*Your first one-hour consultation with us is £60. Should you then instruct us to act for you in the matter within 90 days, we will deduct £60 from your fees.

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