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Divorce Solicitors Glasgow, East Kilbride & Edinburgh, Scotland

Divorce isn’t easy on any of the family and each person involved will have their concerns about the future. We regularly work with women and mothers going through a marriage break-up, so have a good understanding of the issues and worries these clients are dealing with during this challenging time.

Our Divorce Lawyers in Glasgow understand the importance of listening to you and providing tailored legal advice. We are committed to providing clear advice designed to address your specific requirements and concerns. To find out how our team can offer you legal advice through the divorce process and protect your priorities throughout, contact us today.

Childcare matters

Divorce can be particularly difficult for children. We understand that you will want to prioritise their care and shield them as much as possible from any conflict between you and your former spouse. Our family lawyers are skilled in managing these sensitive situations. For this reason, we encourage our clients to treat court proceedings as a last resort.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods, such as mediation and collaboration, provide a more conciliatory, flexible, cheaper and quicker way to reach an agreement on childcare and contact matters. At Complete Clarity, our team of family lawyers specialise in family law and childcare issues. We will advise and represent you throughout the negotiation process, helping you to work out any sticking points. We aim to achieve an agreement that is, first and foremost, in the best interests of your children, as well as fair concerning the rights and needs of you and your former partner.

Financial matters

Financial concerns exist in every divorce, but you may be particularly worried if you are in a weaker financial position than your spouse. It’s important to know that fairness is a key principle in divorce law in Scotland, meaning the court will only approve a financial agreement you reach with your spouse if it is considered reasonable and fair.

We are here to ensure the principle of fairness is upheld throughout all negotiations and agreements made with your former spouse. This means making sure the settlement takes account of:

  • any financial burden you have experienced because of your contributions to the family, such as giving up your job to take care of your children;
  • the level of financial dependence of one spouse on the other, and the arrangements that should be made for this support to continue temporarily; and
  • the financial hardship you or your spouse may suffer as a result of the divorce, and how this can be minimised.

As with childcare matters, it is highly advantageous if you and your former partner can reach an agreement, rather than asking the court to impose a decision. Our team will work hard to negotiate the most protective financial settlement for you, as quickly and cost-effectively possible.

Family lawyers Glasgow – Divorce Lawyers Glasgow

Complete Clarity Solicitor continues to grow and expand. As a result of which, we have created a dedicated Family Law Department. Our specialist Family Law Solicitors have a wealth of experience, expanding to over 60 years between them.

Contact us today at 0808 178 7292 or complete our online enquiry form and let us help you by connecting you with one of our solicitors.

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