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Builder Disputes Solicitor Glasgow

Builder Disputes Solicitor Glasgow

Litigation, claims, and disputes are common in the construction and engineering professions. Projects can take years to complete, with lengthy delays and costly overruns. The numerous parties involved, such as surveyors, architects, investors, developers, and builders, make things more contentious. When conflicts do emerge, parties may be hesitant to file a claim and get legal advice because they are concerned about the costs that may be involved. Complete Clarity’s legal team is highly experienced in the construction industry and can help you overturn professional negligence and assist with any process, whether adjudication, arbitration, or commercial litigation.

Construction Dispute Resolution

Adjudication is one of the means of resolving building disputes. Adjudication is a 28-day procedure designed to protect cash flow during the course of a building project. Adjudication is widely used for disputes relating to interim payments, job delay and disruption, final accounting, and project completion timeframe extensions. The adjudicator will review each party’s evidence and make a binding ruling.

Construction Arbitration Dispute Resolution

Arbitration is another means of resolving disputes involving construction contracts. Arbitration is the resolution of disputes by the mediation of an unbiased, third-party arbitrator or arbitration panel. You can seek legal expertise from Complete Clarity Solicitors to avoid conflict, get an understanding of the law, and how you can ensure procurement.

Account disputes at the conclusion of a construction or building project

Many construction conflicts stem from final accounts of how much is payable when a construction job is done. With so many variables and costs to consider, final accounts can be difficult, leaving parties with differing perspectives on how much is truly owed. If you are challenging the amount of a final account, please contact us right away to see how we can assist you.

Time Extension Construction Disputes

Time extensions are frequently included in construction and building contracts in the event of certain unforeseen delays. The circumstances surrounding a delay and expense claims are a typical source of controversy, with the cause of the delay frequently being a point of argument. Complete Clarity Solicitors can help you resolve the disputes in your construction project and offer legal knowledge on alternative dispute resolution for your case be it through litigation, arbitration or adjudication.

Why you need Clarity Simplicity Solicitors' help

Disputes are bound to arise, but you can tackle any of them with our team experienced in the construction sector. We will advise the best way forward for you, be it litigation, arbitration, or adjudication and help you resolve the dispute. 

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