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Once you step into the construction and engineering industry, you’re in for potential disputes, litigation and claims. Occasionally, projects take years to complete, which then leads to increases in costs and never-ending delays. There could be multiple factors or parties that affect the successful completion of your project – the builders, developers, funders, surveyors, or architects. Disputes between any parties can escalate at any point and affect the completion of the project.
At times of these disputes, things can be settled by putting off clients via making claims such as increasing worry about the costs. Complete Clarity Solicitors can help you through the process of litigation, adjudication, or arbitration. With years of experience in solving construction disputes and helping in negotiation, you are sure to be working with a team of professionals!


Adjudication allows you in resolving construction disputes quickly without spending excessively. It is a process of 28 days that ensures your cash flow is protected. Adjudication is generally the common choice for solving construction disputes related to interim payments, hindrances in work, settling accounts and pushing the time scale for completing the project successfully.
An adjudicator looks at the evidence presented by each party and then announces their final decision.


Construction Arbitration is another way to solve construction and engineering disputes. The claims and disputes are solved by a third-party arbitrator, an arbitration panel or an independent

Disputes while settling

The source of most construction disputes involving the settling of the final accounts after construction has been successful. There are multiple factors and costs that one needs to consider once the redevelopment is complete, and there might be a difference in understanding of who gets how much money. Complete Clarity Solicitors can offer you legal advice on how to tackle such situations.

Expense claims for project delays

Unforeseen circumstances can cause delays in the project, leading to the incompletion of a project. In such scenarios, disputes are bound to arise and can lead to heated disagreements.

Retention pay failure

You may need construction dispute resolution when different parties disagree on the amount of retention to be released after the construction is complete. In times of such disagreements, we can ensure there is no professional negligence and advise you on the best way forward.

Why you need Clarity Simplicity Solicitors' help

Disputes are bound to arise, but you can tackle any of them with our team experienced in the construction sector. We will advise the best way forward for you, be it litigation, arbitration, or adjudication and help you resolve the dispute. 

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