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Settlement Agreements Lawyers Glasgow, East Kilbride & Edinburgh, Scotland

Employment settlement agreements are a useful tool for resolving a workplace dispute, offering benefits for both employers and employees. It is vital that both parties get legal advice before entering into an agreement, to ensure the terms are fair and serve their best interests.

If you are an employer, our Settlement Agreement Solicitors can offer you clear advice on all settlement agreement matters, tailored to your commercial circumstances and needs. We understand that an employment dispute may be putting financial pressure on you and your business and so, at Complete Clarity Solicitors, we offer a fixed-fee settlement agreement service.

We also advise employees who have been offered a settlement agreement by their employers and assist them in negotiating the best possible deal.

To discuss your settlement agreement matter with our specialist legal team, contact us today.

How does a settlement agreement work?

A settlement agreement provides for an employee to receive a lump sum payment in exchange for agreeing not to pursue their case at an employment tribunal. They may also receive other benefits, such as a work reference or favourable termination date. Most agreements will bring the employment relationship to an end; however, they do not have to do so. Their primary purpose is to settle any potential claim the employee has.

The contract must be prepared and drafted carefully to ensure it is legally valid and that future issues regarding its terms are avoided. Requirements include that:

  • it is in writing;
  • it is signed by the employer and employee;
  • it relates to a specific employment complaint or proceedings; and
  • the employee receives independent legal advice on the impact of the agreement on their employment rights.

A settlement agreement is legally binding once both parties have signed it.

Settlement agreement advice for employers

Settlement agreements offer a considerable amount of protection to employers as they prohibit an employee from raising a costly, disruptive and time-consuming employment tribunal claim, for example for unfair dismissal. Further, the process involved in creating a settlement agreement provides greater control over the negotiations and outcome compared to a decision being imposed by an employment tribunal.

Our Employment Law Specialists can advise you on whether a settlement agreement is the best approach to solving your workplace dispute. If we believe it is, we will help you draft a legally valid and robust contract that promotes and protects your commercial priorities while appealing to your employee’s interests.

Settlement agreement advice for employees

Settlement agreements can be beneficial for employees too. They offer you compensation for solving a workplace issue informally with your employer. An agreement will also spare you the stress, time and cost that can come with raising a tribunal claim ­– which may not end up being decided in your favour.

If you are presented with a settlement agreement by your employer, we can advise as to whether you have received a good offer and whether you should accept. If we do not believe the terms proposed are satisfactory, we will work hard to negotiate fairer terms with your employer so that you walk away with the best possible deal.

Contact our Settlement Agreement Solicitors in Glasgow and Edinburgh

We know that problems in the workplace can be complicated, so let us make it simple. Complete Clarity Solicitors provide settlement agreement services to employers and employees in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Shawlands and East Kilbride. If you require advice on settlement agreements or wish to discuss any other employment law issue, call us today on 0808 168 5822 or fill in our online enquiry form.

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