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Money and Cashflow Solicitors Glasgow, East Kilbride & Edinburgh, Scotland

Dealing with money and cashflow problems is never easy, but we can provide practical advice and assistance to put your mind at ease.

Our solicitors are understanding and highly experienced in finding solutions to money difficulties for individuals, families and businesses. We offer a comprehensive range of legal services and so can advise you on the broad range of legal matters which may be affected by money problems.

To discuss your specific concerns and circumstances with a member of our team, call us today on 0808 168 5822 or complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you right away. We can help you get back on track.

Complete Clarity Solicitors – money and cashflow advice

We can help you with a broad range of money and cashflow issues and have excellent experience in the following areas:

Debt Recovery and Defending Debt Recovery Action

We are debt recovery specialists, and if you are facing debt recovery action or you are suffering cashflow difficulties because of late payment, we can help you.


Where you are unable to pay your debts personally or as a business, you may be entering into an insolvency situation. If you are personally struggling with credit cards, loans or mortgage arrears, you may be facing personal insolvency, but we can assist you. We regularly assist clients with bankruptcy, sequestration, Trust Deeds, Minimal Asset Process (MAP) Bankruptcy and the Debt Arrangement Scheme. No matter how challenging your situation may seem, we are here to help you.

Mortgage Arrears and Repossession

The thought of losing your home can be devastating, but if you fail to keep up with your mortgage payments, your lender may take steps to repossess your property. There are specific legal steps they must take and they cannot simply demand that you leave. We can provide the expert advice and legal support you need at this time.

Cashflow (business)

For those who are self-employed, or in smaller firms, even a single late payment can cause serious cashflow problems and result in insolvency. We can help. Where your business is suffering cashflow problems, we can advise you fully on the legal issues that may arise. From debt recovery to employee pay disputes, our specialist expert lawyers can guide you through this difficult time. We are commercially minded and provide you with practical steps to secure the best possible outcome for your business.

Family and Money

Money matters are complicated, but when your legal problems involve those close to you, getting the right legal advice is of paramount concern. Our lawyers are not only family law experts but highly experienced in financial matters too. We help our clients.

Plan for the future, protect their interests and get back on track when things have not gone as planned. We can help with Wills, Wills disputes, financial settlement, starting, buying or selling a family business and many other family matters.

Contact our money and cashflow advice lawyers in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Our solicitors can help you get back on track. With offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Shawlands and East Kilbride we assist clients all across Scotland. For advice on business, personal and family money concerns contact us today.

Call us now on 0808 168 5822 or complete our online enquiry form and let us help you.

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