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Buying a new home – Conveyancing Solicitors in Scotland

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Buying a New Home – Property in Scotland

Whether you are buying a home for the first time or moving house again, we can help. The best conveyancing solicitors are those who listen to your instructions, offer expert advice and insight and take care to work through the transaction with you step-by-step, keeping you informed at all times. At Clarity, we offer a Free* initial conveyancing consultation.

We are well-equipped to ensure that the process of buying or selling a property in Scotland is as uncomplicated and trouble-free as possible.

Diverse types of real estate transactions and forms of property require specialised legal expertise in various disciplines. Our Scottish real estate solicitors offer the following conveyancing services:

  • The exchange of real estate
  • Remortgage, redemption of existing mortgages, and the acquisition of new mortgages
  • Transfers of equity and gifts of property
  • Transfers of equity and gifts of property
  • Schemes involving shared ownership or equity and Help to Buy
  • Planned Share Purchases

Property lawyers in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland

When selling your property, there are several steps to go through. The whole process can take a month or two. The first thing to do is instruct us – we’ll listen to your instructions on buying the property and contact the selling solicitors to start the process. We’ll advise you on what would be an appropriate price and whether or not there is a closing date.

We’ll negotiate the sale with the selling solicitor – the ‘missives’ – and settle the transaction on your behalf before finally getting you the keys! Our team of Glasgow conveyancing lawyers can guide you through the process of buying and selling property, arranging surveys, instructing a home report, mortgages and re-mortgages and even leasing and buying-to-let.

Conveyancing Process for Buying a Home

This process describes in comprehensive detail how we will manage your transaction.

  • After locating your ideal residence, initiate the process by contacting our inquiries team at Simplicity Legal. It is of the utmost importance that we inquire whether a deadline exists. -We will now discuss your financing options, including options for a mortgage.
  • Following that, we will contact you to discuss our fees and request some form of identification from you, as mandated by the Law Society of Scotland’s money laundering standards.
  • Upon completion of this, we will forward the offer to the parties selling the property. A ‘qualified approval’ will be transmitted at this juncture. This consists of your offer accompanied by specific negotiating conditions.
  • Then, documentation will be requested from the seller’s solicitors. By guaranteeing the seller ‘Title to the Property,’ we ensure that they possess the legal authority to transfer the property. We will also inquire with the seller’s agents regarding any renovations or repairs that have been performed on the property.
    Property Inquiry Reports will ascertain various aspects of the vicinity in which the property is situated, including details on road infrastructure, drainage systems, outstanding warrants, and more.
  • We will then collaborate with the seller’s solicitors to expeditiously resolve the situation. Following the collection of all required mortgage documents, we will conclude the transaction with your lender.
  • With regard to the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax, we shall coordinate the execution of the contract after our agreement with the seller’s legal representatives. The keys to your new residence will be held in your possession once the necessary funds have been transferred.

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