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With over 1 million terabytes of information stored in cyberspace it is easy to say that information has never been more accessible.

And because the information is so readily available people believe they can use it, despite having no previous knowledge.

As an example, many businesses use the internet to problem solve rather than seeking the services of a specialist. They can go online at the click of a button and have access to thousands of pages with information and documents.

So why would you seek costly legal advice when you can simply drat Terms and Conditions yourself?

Do it yourself contract templates are readily available with prices starting at just £17. It’s as simple as downloading and filling in the blanks. But if a dispute arises it won’t be quite so simple.
Yes, they may be cheaper, but how much legal standing do they have? The answer is very little.

Chris Torres, Director at Dojo commented, “Dojo required T&C’s to fully cover ourselves within the creative industry that we operate. We offer guarantees on our work and David made sure the T&C’s covered ourselves as well as our client’s best interests”.

Unlike these DIY templates, your business is not mass produced. Every business is unique and therefore needs a set of terms and conditions to match.
A contract is way of communicating with clients and allows both parties to understand their duties, rights and responsibilities.

We can offer a specialist service drafting and supplying Terms and Conditions for a wide range of business sectors.

Some of our expertise include, but are not limited to, technical and technology based contracts, business to business and business to consumer contracts, and web and app based contracts.
KGM Rail and mining services, who have worked with us, said: “Create Ts and Cs were recommended to us as a company with expertise in compiling company Terms and Conditions and would listen to our requirements and act accordingly.  “Subsequently they compiled relevant and clearly set out conditions for our export and home markets”.

And by working in partnership it ensures that two individuals are involved in the creation and ratification of all contracts.

Our wide range of contractual services help small companies protect their business and allow them to grow. An effective set of terms and conditions helps businesses to act more professionally and allows them to communicate in a reasonable and fair way with their clients.

By using a correctly drafted set of terms and conditions the small business can avoid unnecessary and time hungry commercial disputes. And with our services all at a fixed price, you don’t need to worry about expensive bills.

Contact [email protected] for a quotation or to arrange a no obligation chat about your need for terms and conditions.

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