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Terms of Quote (Scotland)

Terms of Quote (Scotland) All quotes are subject to the following conditions…

  • The quote is calculated on the information you have provided to us and available to us at this date and on the basis that your transaction is of a standard nature. Changes to this information may result in changes to your quotation.
  • In cases of unforeseen complexity or urgency an additional fee may be charged. We will make every effort to advise you of any such circumstances as soon as possible after they become apparent. 
  • During the course of your transaction additional work may be required for which we will charge an additional fee. You will be provided with a note of potential additional fees by your conveyancer. If additional work is required you will be responsible for paying our additional fees together with any third party expenses involved. You will be advised by us of any additional work that may be required as soon as it has been identified as necessary.
  • If we are selling on your behalf we may be required to obtain a Coal Report over your property at a cost of £23.00. This will depend upon the type and location of your property.
  • If we are selling on your behalf and your property is unregistered we may require to obtain a P.16 report at a cost of £35.00.
  • The outlays specified in your quotation represent the major outlays involved in your transaction. Further additional outlays may arise if for example we require to obtain Prior Writs or telegraph funds electronically.
  • In the unlikely event that any aspect arising from your house transaction results in a dispute or litigation a separate and additional charge may be made for any work arising from such dispute or litigation.
  • All fees and outlays require to be paid to us by way of cleared funds prior to the date of entry or date of completion. These may be deducted from proceeds in our hands at the date of entry or date of completion if these are sufficient. 
  • In the event of your transaction not completing for whatever reason, we reserve the right to render a fee in respect of any work we have done and will require payment in full of any third party expenses incurred by us on your behalf.

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