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Tribunals Bill welcomed by Justice Committee

The Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee has published its stage 1 report into the Tribunals (Scotland) Bill, in which it welcomes the proposals contained in the Bill and sets out a number of recommendations. The Bill is designed to create an improved system of independence and better quality of service for tribunal users in Scotland, including […]

In what circumstances, breach or dispute, can shareholders take action against the director?

In what circumstances, breach or dispute, can shareholders take action against the director? In the realm of corporate governance and disputes, we’ve extensively discussed board conflicts and shareholder disagreements. But what ensues when a dispute erupts between shareholders and directors, leading shareholders to seek legal recourse against the directors? This blog dives into the intricacies […]

Things to keep in mind while pursuing claims for lost rent due to dilapidations

When a commercial tenant in Scotland departs premises in a state of disrepair at the culmination of a lease, can the landlord initiate a claim for the rent it loses during the necessary repair endeavors? The succinct yet unhelpful response is ‘it varies’. Terminal Dilapidations Schedules regularly encompass significant sums for lost rent. Nevertheless, pursuing […]

The Law on Dog Attacks by Ellidh Clark

The Law on Dog Attacks – Ellidh Clark “A dog is man’s best friend,” they say and we at Complete Clarity Solicitors totally agree. But even our closest companions can pose risks. You, your loved ones, or even innocent bystanders may be at risk of injury from dogs. In the video above, we’ll explore dog […]

What can be done if another person has the evidence I require?

What exactly is proof, and why is it so important? Evidence for a court action takes a variety of forms. It can be physical evidence (something tangible and tactile), documentary evidence (a written statement or material such as discs, tapes, videos, and photographs), or oral evidence (the testimony of a witness). The gathering of evidence […]

What should I do if my opponent has no money but I have a strong case?

When considering litigation, one of the first things we consider is your opponent’s financial sustainability. Before filing a case, most claimants would want some assurance that they will be able to recoup at least some of their losses and legal costs. So, what can we do to determine whether your adversary will be able to […]

Scotland Sees Fall in Civil Law Cases

Recent statistics from Scotland’s Chief Statistician have revealed that the number of civil law cases initiated in Scottish courts has fallen to its lowest since current statistics began in 2008-09. There were a total of 76,800 civil law cases raised in the financial year 2014-15, a drop of 42% since 2008-09. However, the number of […]

Sub-Letting is an Issue for Landlords and Tenants

As many as one in six (17%) tenants in the UK admit to having rented out part or all of their property to someone who isn’t on the lease agreement, new research by Direct Line for Business has found. A quarter of tenants who sub-let their property didn’t check the terms of their lease to […]